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FreenetIS contains several types of login. Some are a standard part of the system, others is additionally installed.

Settings for the logging options is available in the section FreenetIS login.

Login events

Login events enable user to login in the system and keep it for 31 days. It contains information about the action, action time, modified date and user who performed it.

Login log

Login user access to the system and access the recording of IP addresses.

Login operation

Login operations of individual members and their IP addresses are supported for using 'ulogd'. ....... Various statistics can then be viewed in operation.

Installation of 'Ulog' is described here zde

As the access data to the database give information about your FreenetIS database and the value of the procedure 'UPDATE_CT'.

Login equipment (Syslog)

FreenetIS can be connected to login to syslog facility. Instructions for installation zde.

After installing and configuring the settings FreenetIS Login messages are available for each device.