Instalation and settings of address point server

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Server Settings

Preparing to install

Install all required packages

apt-get install unzip git apache2 php5 php5-mysql mysql-server

Restart apache

service apache2 restart

Getting the source code

Download the source code of the web application into any folder

git clone

The database

Create a database using sql script file db_structure.sql

mysql -u username -ppassword jmeno_database < db_structure.sql


Start with administrator privileges install script in the folder with the source code


Enter your login information to the database. Then the files are copied to /var/www/freenetis-addresses and generates a role for CRON, and then each day at 5:00 am it will check the database current addresses and possibly updating to the latest version

==The initial download database==

Run the import script


Import depends on the speed of the disk and the number of addresses in the database take more than 30 minutes. Import progress will be displayed in the console.

Set FreenetIS

In the FreenetIS settings, in System section fill in your Web applications address including material such as

Error messages import script

Config file not found - Could not find the file /etc/freenetis-addresses.ini , solution is to re-run the script ./

Can not get latest date database - Unable to determine the date from the server Either the site is unavailable or it has changes in structure of the pages so that it is not possible to determine the date.

Database is up to date - and the current database is not updated.

Database is not up to date and will be updated - database is not current and will be updated.

Can not download addresses - Failed to download the archive with the database on the server

Can not extract addresses - Error while extracting database to a temporary folder.

Can not prepare addresses - Error removing unneeded columns, change the coding or preparing the house number. The mistake is to change the format of the data in the database.

Can not clean temporary table - Error while deleting temporary tables.

Can not import addresses - Failed to import the address database. The mistake can be the changes in the format of the data in the database.

Can not update database - An error occurs when replacing a temporary production database table addresses.