Admin - add transmitting device

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New device in AP mode is inserted as well as client devices are required appropriate permissions. Click on the Devices menu - here you can check whether the device no longer exists - use a filter.

1) If not, click on 'Add new device'

2) Select the device type AP and select the appropriate template


3) If the template does not exist, click the green cross to add a template. Give it a proper name and set the interface by type


4) You will return again to edit the new device


5) Set a correct name to equipment, use the new template and save. Then a second part of the table where you fill MAC addresses and IP addresses of interfaces.


6) Save

Devices will be without detailed information after saving.

7) Click on the toothed wheel and add interface details, such as more accurate description


8) Click on the toothed wheel and add details in order to connect to any device


After completing and saving you will get a complete record of equipment

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